Cascable 6.6 and Pro Webcam 1.5 Released — Encrypted Sony connections and more!

We’ve recently released updates to Cascable for iOS and Cascable Pro Webcam that improve support for newer Sony cameras, including tap-to-focus and live view zoom for models that support it. Live view zoom has been improved for Canon and Nikon cameras, too.

However, we’d like to bring attention to a change that appears small, but is actually a pretty large one: support for Sony’s additional layer of encryption for wireless connections.

The Sony α7R V, as well as the Sony α7 IV with firmware 2.0 installed and other newer Sony models support an additional layer of encryption for wireless communication. We’re really happy to announce that as of these recent updates, this encryption is fully supported by Cascable for iOS and Cascable Pro Webcam.

When enabled on the camera, you’ll be asked for a username and password the first time you connect to it with a Cascable app (your credentials will be securely saved for future connections). After this, the app will work completely as normal.

This encryption is interesting since it’s on top of any encryption provided by the WiFi network you’re using. Since some older WiFi encryption standards can be broken if you know the network’s password — or maybe you’re limited to a network without any sort of encryption at all — this additional layer Sony has added makes sure your images remain away from prying eyes, which may be important in sensitive environments.

In our testing, having Sony’s additional layer of encryption enabled has a slight performance impact. It’s not particularly noticeable, but if you want to go as fast as you possibly can (and are otherwise in a trusted environment), you can turn off the feature in your camera’s settings.

Cascable for iOS 6.6 and Cascable Pro Webcam 1.5 are free updates to existing customers.

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