Cascable Transfer 3

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Make your photo import workflow wireless
with Cascable Transfer!

With direct and flexible integration into your existing workflow for over 200 supported WiFi-enabled camera models, you can import your photos while dropping the dongles, cables, and card readers — and save time while doing so!

Drop the Dongles

Connecting your Mac to your supported camera's
WiFi network means never being worried about losing a cable, adapter or dongle ever again.

Make Your Existing Apps Wireless

Cascable Transfer integrates so well with your favourite apps, you just need to choose which one to import to and click Copy — no fiddly setup required!

Change… Nothing!

Deep knowledge of your existing tools and powerful image organisation capabilities mean we adapt to your workflow, not the other way around.

Save So Much Time

Need half-size, watermarked copies? Metadata scrubbing for social media? Get that done and more during import by combining Cascable Transfer with Retrobatch.

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The procedure is simple

Turn on WiFi with your camera, connect to it with your computer, then launch Cascable. If your camera is one that is supported, then the screen soon fills with thumbnails from the memory card.

The Digital Story

Wirelessly transfer your shots from your camera straight to your Mac

Cascable's new app could certainly be handy for those who prefer to edit on their desktop first.

Amateur Photographer

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