★PRO Features

It's free to get started with Cascable — straight out the App Store it'll change the way you work with your camera.

When you're ready to take the next step, Cascable is primed and ready. It's a powerful tool with advanced features waiting to be unlocked via In-App Purchase, either as a as a subscription starting from $29.99 per year (or your local equivalent) or as a non-subscription purchase of $59.99.

The table below details Cascable's features and if they require Cascable Pro.

Remote Control (Requires WiFi Connection)
Connect via WiFi to 200+ models of camera from
Fujifilm, Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Panasonic, Phase One & Sony
Included for free.
Full exposure control Included for free.
Overlays (histogram, gridlines) Included for free.
Focus Peaking ★PRO
Zebra Stripes ★PRO
Shot Review (excluding Fujifilm and Panasonic models) ★PRO
Shutter Robot: Self Timer Included for free.
Shutter Robot: Bulb Timer ★PRO
Shutter Robot: Intervalometer ★PRO
Shutter Robot: Exposure Bracketing ★PRO
Shutter Robot: Recipes ★PRO
Neutral Density Filter Included for free.
Sharp Stars Included for free.
View geotagged photos on a map Included for free.
Manually geotag photos by drag-and-dropping them onto the map Included for free.
Record your location history over time Included for free.
Use your recorded location history to automatically geotag photos ★PRO
Import and export industry standard GPX files for interoperability with other apps ★PRO
Embed geotags into the EXIF metadata of exported JPEG images ★PRO
Photo Management (Via WiFi or USB Connection)
Connect via WiFi or USB to hundreds of camera models Included for free.
List all photos and copy JPEGs from camera Included for free.
Copy RAW photos from camera (Fujifilm cameras via USB only) ★PRO
Delete photos from camera Included for free.
Preview files directly from camera ★PRO
Link storage devices together for automatic copying of images ★PRO
View, share, delete local photos Included for free.
Apply IPTC ratings to local photos ★PRO
Metadata & histogram in fullscreen photo viewer Included for free.
Apply adjustments to your photos with Quick Proof ★PRO
Search & filter photos Included for free.
View photos on an external display ★PRO
Night Mode
App-wide dark theme ★PRO