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Cascable — Your Camera's New Best Friend

Unlock the full power of your camera by making it quicker and easier to take photos and then transfer them to your iPhone or iPad. Built-in automation tools make complicated and laborious tasks a cinch, no matter which brand of camera you use.

Cascable is the only iOS app that can remotely control your Canon EOS, Nikon, or Sony Alpha camera via USB. It'll also control more than 200 models from Canon, Fujifilm, Nikon, Olympus, Panasonic, Phase One, and Sony via WiFi or Ethernet. Super-fast USB image transfer is supported by those and countless more cameras, too.

Unlike many other apps, Cascable helps with viewing, copying, and working with RAW files from capture and beyond.

Cascable is free to download with some ★PRO features available via an optional In-App Purchase.

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Remote Control or Tether

Get the perfect shot without having to touch your camera! Exposure, focus, and more controlled by Cascable*.

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Advanced Automation

Use Shutter Robot to build automation that makes exposure bracketing and other tiresome activities a cinch.

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Powerful & Flexible

Cascable grows with you and can be used as a simple remote shutter or as part of a complex photography workflow.

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USB Storage Support

Manage photos on external USB storage without filling your device with shots. And of course, RAW files aren't a problem.

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Desktop-class Workspace Flexibility

Review images, metadata, and more all without ever leaving Cascable. RAW files are supported throughout.

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* Tethering is only supported by certain cameras. Fujifilm, IXUS/ELPH, and older PowerShot and Panasonic cameras don't allow access to RAW images over WiFi. Check our camera compatibility page for details.

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